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There are many positive outcomes of physical activity. Alongside physical and mental health, people report improved self-confidence and self-esteem, goal planning and achievement, gaining new skills and personal development as a result of their participation in regular physical activities.

GBA continuously expand its range of programmes to support Berkshire residents in gaining skills and confidence and help them move closer to employability.

Working with unemployed people in Berkshire?

Support Unemployed People Aged 50 and Over.

Let them know about Move Well Work Well programme that is available from Get Berkshire Active and Mobile Team Challenge Europe and funded by the European Social Fund and Education & Skills Funding Agency.

Move Well Work Well is a 8 week, 8-session course designed to help those aged 50+. This is a journey on learning more about yourself to build your confidence to unlock your potential, develop self-confidence and belief in your ability. The course is designed to give you the practical tools to help you be successful in an ever - changing environment.

The course covers a range of important topics, including aspects of emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry, prioritising skills, understanding and dealing with stress and learning how to cope and succeed through change.

We would be so grateful if you make this course available to anyone you think would benefit.

Support unemployed people in Berkshire at their challenging time.
Let them know about Employability Programmes and opportunities

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