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The Issue

In Berkshire, inactivity increases significantly amongst 75–84-year-olds (42.2%) to 85+-year-olds (75.7%) (Sport England Active Lives Survey 18/19). COVID-19 has exacerbated these issues, with one in four older people unable to walk as far as before and one in five feeling less steady on their feet (Age UK, The Impact of COVID-19 report, Oct 2020). Coupled with increased anxiety, loneliness, and cognitive decline (Age UK, The Impact of COVID-19 report, Oct 2020) it's likely that this audience need more support rebuilding activity levels again following the pandemic. Services that aim to improve the wellbeing of older people and increase healthy life expectancy reduce the need for health and social services.

Working Together

Age UK Berkshire and Get Berkshire Active have worked together on different projects for over 5 years, this long-term relationship is consolidated by their common goals to improve the physical, mental, and social health and wellbeing of Berkshire residents.
This piece of work will also seek to connect with other local offers including those provided by Reading Sport and Leisure colleagues.

Aims & Objectives

The reconditioning programme aims to improve the fitness and strength of older people identified by Age UK Berkshire and referred to Get Berkshire Active.

This will be achieved by offering these individuals a series of one-to-one coaching sessions that will take place within their home (or garden). If safe to do so, individuals will be given a series of exercises to complete between one-to-one visits. On average, everyone will be seen 4 times (an initial 1.5hr intro/assessment session and 3 follow up visits).

The programme delivery follows a planned pathway with identified stages.

Measuring Impact

All clients to partake in a fitness assessment/movement ability check to collect baseline measures; the same movement ability exercises can be repeated during the final one-to-one visit to measure improvement. Self-reported measures are also included at registration and follow up.

Participant reaction and engagement during the programme

Behaviour changes to be reported. For example, are the participants actively seeking to add more gentle exercise into their daily routine?

Short/Medium Term Goals. These are discussed at the start and throughout the intervention. Did the client achieve their desired result from the programme?

Added Value

This piece of work will be complemented by other relevant projects such as our Ever Active Reading project (community based provision targeting older adults), Active Medicine Programme (physical activity training for Frontline Workers and Volunteers) and Fall-Proof resources (free resources encouraging older adults to be active at home).

Kirsty Heath

Kirsty Heath

Healthy Communities Manager (Berkshire West)

07394 564540

Kate Wiggins

Active Ageing Officer

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