Inclusive Activity Programme (IAP) Workshop- Feb 2022

Inclusive Activity Programme (IAP) Workshop- Feb 2022 Icon

Inclusive Activity Programme (IAP) Workshop- Feb 2022

This 2-hour workshop, developed in partnership with Activity Alliance, will equip you with the skills to engage disabled people and people with long-term health conditions more effectively in physical activities. It will also make you a better coach! It will provide a unique opportunity that significantly improves the confidence and competence of the coaching workforce, local community activators and health care professionals to deliver inclusive activity.

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Inclusive Activity Programme (IAP) Workshop- Feb 2022

Activity Alliance believe that inclusive coaching is just good coaching. The Inclusive Activity Programme is a unique development opportunity for sports coaches, community leaders and health and care professionals. Learn about the key principles of delivering inclusive activities and how to ensure that your sessions are fun and enjoyable for everyone!

In line with the Coaching Plan for England's definition of coaching, the Inclusive Activity Programme is particularly valuable for people working in:

  • sport and physical activity delivery, such as sports coaches and activity providers
  • local community groups and organisations, such as community activators working in disabled people's organisations, local charities, community housing and scout/guide groups
  • health and care settings, such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and care and support workers.

This session will help you:

  • learn how to support disabled people to be more active through Activity Alliance's ten principles
  • understand how your sessions can be inclusive and how you can create and adapt your own activities using STEP and the Activity Inclusion Model
  • explore where you can find more information for yourself and the people you support.

Accompanying Resources:
You will receive 3 months' access to an online version of this practical workbook that accompanies the Inclusive Activity Programme Online Classroom.

Technical requirements to access the online classroom:
Although you can access our online classroom using any mobile device, the best experience will be achieved by using a laptop or PC. Once booked, the link to your online classroom will be provided via a confirmation email you receive from UK Coaching.

You will need the following equipment:

  • Headset or a device with speakers.
  • Device with a microphone.
  • Preferably, the ability to connect directly into your router (as wifi access may drop out)

Closed/live captioning will be used during the delivery of the session. If you require any additional support to book or attend this session, please email:


Inclusive Activity Programme- Feb 2022


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