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Whom We Want to Help

"Before the pandemic 2.2 million children in England were living in households affected by any of the so-called 'toxic trio' of family issues: domestic abuse, parental drug and/or alcohol dependency, and severe parental mental health issues.

These numbers are likely to have swelled, fuelled by families locked down in close quarters for weeks and months, and an emerging economic crisis adding pressures on family finances." (In the Time of Covid 2020 Children Commissioner Childhood).

We want to help families and children living next door to us who are severely impacted by the ongoing crisis, experiencing worsening mental health issues, possible domestic abuse and hunger.

How We Can Help

Physical activity is proven to help children's physical health and support the immune response to the viruses, increase confidence, self-esteem and mental wellbeing.

Whether it is playing team games or practicing individual skills, physical activity and sport is one of the great inspirations for children to learn about the joy of being active, growing their skills, persevere in achieving goals to get this 'I Can Do It' attitude.

We are aiming to provide opportunities for children from disadvantaged families to stay active during the pandemic, learn new skills, discover new activities and sports, trying them out and continuing with them beyond the crisis.

The money you help us to raise we will:

  1. Provide physical activity kit bags for our most disadvantaged children and families
  2. Deliver Fit, Fed and Read Camps during the school holidays
  3. Provide access to Sport and Physical activity sessions to most disadvantaged children and families at a reduced cost

Why to Join

The pandemic crisis revealed the strengths and weaknesses of every country in the world as well as every county, town, village, household and individual.

We believe that Berkshire showcases an incredible unity in supporting vulnerable adults, NHS staff, local businesses and schools at the time of their hardship.

Helping disadvantaged children in getting through the pandemic with better physical and mental health, socially positive attitudes and new skills will make our local communities stronger, healthier, with reduced levels of crime and growing potential to thrive after the crisis.

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