Are you looking for a role that is unique and extraordinary? If so, this role may be perfect for you; We are seeking an individual with a passion for making a difference to play an integral role in the coordination and delivery of our Activity Programmes to support unemployed people and people at risk of becoming involved in criminal activity. You may be a coach, trainer or mentor with a passion for Physical Activity. Our programmes use Physical Activity to support improvements in soft skills, personal development and resilience amongst disadvantaged client groups.

Various - across Berkshire, SL7 1RR
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Get Berkshire Active


Get Berkshire Active works with organisations across Berkshire to increase participation in sport and physical activity. Our overriding aim is to use physical activity to contribute to social, economic, health and community agendas across Berkshire, through the personal development of individuals. We provide our partners with support to achieve these shared aims alongside the delivery of a number of projects to encourage people to be active.

We are seeking an individual with a passion for making a difference to play an integral role in the coordination and delivery of our Employability and Crime Prevention programmes. There is a focus on young people but our programmes also support adults of all ages. The post holder will be required to organise, coordinate and (on some occasions) deliver appropriate interventions, in consultation with partners and participants. We use activities and sport to help develop soft skills in those who are unemployed and self control, empathy and positivity in those at risk of offending. The objective is to encourage participants to become confident and motivated to undertake further training / education or to find work and therefore reduce their likelihood of becoming involved in crime.

We understand that this is a very unique post, combining elements of physical activity knowledge with employment and crime prevention experience. Therefore we are looking for individuals with experience in one of these areas, but who have the capability, interest and drive to challenge themselves to develop the skills and knowledge in the other areas. If you have transferable skills and are a fast learner we will support you to grow and develop in the role with a wide range of CPD and personal development opportunities. This role may be appropriate for someone with:

  • Recruitment / Work Coaching Experience (with an interest in sport / physical activity)
  • Youth / Offender Mentoring (with an interest in sport / physical activity)
  • Sports Coach / Physical Training Instructor (with knowledge / interest in employment / crime prevention)
  • Health / Social Care / Housing Support Advisors
  • Personal Development Coaches

Programmes delivered by GBA involve significant numbers of partners working together and the post-holder will be required to manage delivery partnerships between referral agencies and specialist coaches to achieve results. The post-holder will also need to be comfortable promoting the programme and engaging with participants to take part in the course.

The post-holder will also support other projects or areas of work focused on using physical activity as a vehicle to improve physical, mental and social health. Ideally candidates will have experience in a coaching, mentoring or employability training role, however we will consider candidates with transferable skills and relevant experience.

*The role will require travel around the county to deliver courses. The role is based at Bisham Abbey however we support Working from home where appropriate.

*Completed Applications to be returned to

Supporting Documents:

20200611-equal-opps-monitoring1.docx (MS Word, 639.2 Kb)

20201106-criminal-record-decform-hcaa-(1).docx (MS Word, 1.3 Mb)

20201110-gba-jd-employability-crime-officer-2.docx (MS Word, 92.1 Kb)

20201106-applicationform-2.docx (MS Word, 32.4 Kb)

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