The 9th GBA Awards Winner Elite Conditioning

Days after lockdown, Elite Conditioning, launched 'Better Together' a 30-day online health & wellbeing program costing £30 (free for NHS and key workers).

Online community members enjoyed: 8 live classes via Zoom and facebook including interval training, Pilates and PiYo; daily 'mini' fitness challenges; live nutritional check-ins; a weekly live class from Positive Mindset; and, weekly social activities via Zoom led by local businesses including online salsa, art, pampering, and live DJ.

'Stronger together' added weekly check-ins from a mental health counsellor. 'Shred 20' provided 20 minutes of exercise at 8am on weekdays with two instructors offering 'high' and 'low' options.

"The program was my lifeline in lockdown. I am glad it's here to stay. I've become stronger, fitter and am working towards my nutritional goals daily and the mindset work has brought me out of lockdown happier and more balanced."

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