Activities for Older People

We are facing some uncertain times where our normal habits and routines are being hugely affected. Without knowing when 'normality' might resume, we need to be creative and resourceful in order to maintain our physical and mental wellbeing. Luckily, there are a range of online resources coming our daily with fantastic tips, ideas and virtual sessions that everybody at home can join in with at their own pace.

Before you start......


If you don't feel yourself or any exisitng long term health condition has become unstable, DO NOT exercise. If you feel that you are developing any symptoms of Corona Virus please follow NHS guidelines.


Make sure you tell someone if you are going to be doing some activity. Keep your phone close by and stop if you feel pain or become light headed/dizzy.


If you are going to exercise at home you might need to move some furniture. If you are using a chair, make sure it's a sturdy one, prefereably with no arms so that you have room to move better.


What you or someone you care for can do at home

NB It's important to give people an option to be active but you shouldn't lead someone in activity if you aren't qualified. Supervising safety is of real benefit and there are lots of resources that you can show people but they should always be reminded they take part at their own risk. If they have any medical conditions that can be exacerbated by physical activity then they should not be encouraged to do so.

Fall-Proof Resources

Strength and balance exercises you can do at home.

Fun activities to do at home from Nick Rance, Get Berkshire Active

Nick Rance, Community Physical Activity Manager at Get Berkshire Active, is supporting the Berkshire residents with videos of home exercises and physical activity.

Fun and simple activities can help you staying strong and active.

Watch Nick's videos and share it from the Facebook Page to support your friends and relatives with ideas for home activities.

Community Sessions now delivering online

Neeta Madahar is running chair yoga classes online during the COVID-19 restrictions period. Yoga is proven to improve physical and mental wellbeing: strengthen the body , help with sleep, memory, ability to focus, improve flexibility.

Join Neeta's classes on Tuesdays and Fridays. Contact Neeta for details.

What people are saying about Neeta's classes:

"I always look forward to Neeta's yoga classes as I leave them feeling relaxed but energised" - Karen

"I find the classes relaxing, calming and focus my attention on my body moving and breathing. Afterwards I am focused, clear thinking, more flexible in movements and my legs and arms are stronger. You bring fun into your class and I really enjoy them. Thank you very much." - Pauline

"Neeta's approach to teaching is very sympathetic and it is very much ok to work at your own level without worrying what everyone else is doing" - Karen

Other resources

Let's Stay Connected

Are you a current member of an activity group run by Get Berkshire Active, Ever Active or one of our partners?

If you are feeling isolated and want to get in touch with other members of your group then get in touch. We might be able to put you in contact with your friends or the instructor that was delivering your sessions! Contact us at

Want some advice on activities for your condition?

We want to keep you all as active as you can so get in touch with us and we will try to give you some ideas, or put you in touch with an expert that might be able to help more than we can.

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