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What is Ever Active?

Ever Active Activities in Berkshire for older people

Being physically active has been proven to increase individuals' mental health and social life, as well as reducing the risk of many physical health issues. Ever Active is a programme that supports older & disabled adults who are seeking to improve their health and fitness and reduce feelings of loneliness and social isolation.

How We Do It

Wellbeing Sessions

All of these activities are led by a qualified instructor, pitched at a gentle intensity and are perfect for those who might not have been active for a while, maybe you have been shielding and/or are looking to rebuild your confidence about being active again.

Each session also has some time allocated to socialise and connect with others taking part.

VIRTUAL Wellbeing session

Please consider the following safety and top tips before taking part;

  • Ensure you use an area where you have enough space to take part. All of the sessions can be completed whilst seated but you will still need to be able to move your arms and legs.
  • Ensure you use a sturdy chair.
  • Keep water and a mobile phone or telephone close by.
  • Consult with your GP or healthcare professional beforehand if you have any health related concerns about taking part.

Wednesdays at 10.30am, Gentle Chair Based Exercise and Wellbeing with Debbie and Mandy from MoveAbility –

You can find out more about what other services MoveAbility provide here.


Please read our code of conduct below which details how we plan to keep everyone safe during our virtual sessions.

Please complete this registration form before taking part in a session.

FACE TO FACE Wellbeing Sessions


Tuesdays 10.15am - 10.45am at The 3C'S Café, St John's Church, St John's Road, Caversham, Reading, Chair Based Exercise and Wellbeing with Kate (Please note this class finishes on Tuesday 5th December 2023 for the Christmas Festive Season and will return on Tuesday 9th January 2024)

Tuesdays 11.15am - 11.45am at the Fairclose Centre, Newbury (indoors), Chair based Exercise and Wellbeing with Hayley (£1 charge per person to be paid direct to the Fairclose Centre on arrival.)

Tuesdays 11.15am - 11.45am at the Wesley Methodist Church, Queens Road, Reading (indoors), Chair Based Exercise and Wellbeing with Kate (£1 charge per person) Please not this group closes for the Christmas Festive Season on Tuesday 5th December 2023 and will return in the New Year on Tuesday 30th January 2023.

Tuesdays 14.15pm - 14.45pm at Cornerstones Extra Care Housing, Halcyon Terrace, Tilehurst RG30 4XR (indoors), Chair Based Exercise and Wellbeing with Juliet. (Participants from outside of the residents are welcome to join.)

Wednesday 09.45am - 11.00am at Falkland Cricket Club, (outside weather permitting)/Wash Common Scouts Hall (inside weather permitting), Enbourne Street, Newbury, RG14 6TW Walking Football with the Cricket Club. This session is open to men and women 55 years + who want to enjoy playing football without having to run. Great exercise without the added stress and strains on the joints. Please contact Bruce 01635 42664 or John 01635 582362 for more information.

Wednesdays 14.15pm - 14.45pm at the Thatcham Community Larder, Frank Hutchings Community Hall, Bradley-Moore Square (indoors),Chair Based Exercise and Wellbeing with Kate

Wednesday 15.30pm - 16.00pm at the Theale Library, Church Street, Theale (indoors), Chair Based Exercise and Wellbeing with Kate

Wednesday 18.00pm - 19.00pm at The Dorman Room, Horseshoe Road, Pangbourne, Reading RG8 7JH, seated Yoga and Mindfulness with Sami (£2 charge and class starts on Wednesday 11th October 2023)

Thursday 10.00am - 10.30am at Chimney Court, Shilling Close, Reading (indoors), chair based exercise and wellbeing with Kate. (Participants from outside the residents are welcome to join with proof of a negative Covid lateral flow test.)

Thursdays 11.00am - 11.30am Milestone Centre, Caversham Park Village (indoors), Chair based Exercise and Wellbeing with Kate

Thursdays 11.15am - 11.45am Blands Court, Reading Road, Burghfield Common, Reading (indoors) Chair based Exercise and Wellbeing with Juliet (participants from outside the residence are welcome to join).

Thursday 12.30noon - 13.00pm Hexham Community Centre, 1A Bamburgh Close, South Reading RG2 7UD, Chair Based Exercise and Wellbeing with Juliet.

Thursday 12.30noon - 13.00pm Calcot Centre, 3 Highview, Calcot, Reading RG31 4XD, Chair Based Exercise and Wellbeing with Kate (Term Time Only)

Please email or call 07706357801 to book your place on these sessions. Please don't hesitate to call Kate if you want to find out a bit more about the session before taking part.

Please complete this registration form before taking part in a session (you only need to complete it once). Hard copies are available at the session if you are not able to complete this beforehand.

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For further information

Kate Wiggins

Kate Wiggins

Active Ageing Officer

Kate is the Active Ageing Officer at Get Berkshire Active. She supports older and disabled adults through the delivery of fun seated exercise and wellbeing classes that are designed to improve strength, stamina, suppleness and skill to reduce the risk of falls and improve longevity. Plus, connecting them with likeminded people to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. Having built 18 years' worth of experience, multiple diplomas and qualifications, her passion is in seeing the joy and improved quality of life that regular movement can bring to individuals. Outside of work she stays active by taking her dog for long walks in the woods, swimming and leading her group exercise classes.

07706 357 801

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