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Inclusive Activity Programme- Feb 2022

Upcoming Workshops and Training

Inclusive Activity Programme

In collaboration with Activity Alliance and UK Coaching, the Inclusive Activity Programme is being delivered as an online workshop!

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Who is it for: sports coaches and activity providers, community activators working in disabled people's organisations, local charities, community housing and scout/guide groups, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and care and support workers.

Previous Workshops and Training

Berkshire Clubs Forum:

We are hosted our first Online Clubs Forum on the 9th of September, on sharing experiences and planning ahead in our Return to Action.

These events are free for any club colleague or coach working or living in Berkshire.

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James Craggs

James Craggs

Strategic Lead for Starting Life Well

James is the Head of Starting Life Well at Get Berkshire Active. His role is to support partners in getting more young people active and enjoying the benefits that physical activity and sport can bring. Before he began working in the Sports Development sector, he was a Primary School Teacher and Sports Coach, which gave him the key skills to support and understand young people. In the Sports Development sector, he has previously worked in a local authority and a neighbouring Active Partnership, taking on roles centred around children and young people, safeguarding and inclusion. His passion for physical activity comes from his own positive experiences of taking part in football, athletics and any sport he has the opportunity to do.


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