GBA Physical Activity in Berkshire during 2020 Covid-19 restrictions

To help us understand the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Berkshire, Get Berkshire Active undertook two online surveys in 2020 with local residents.

We wanted to find out how the restrictions on our lives had affected physical activity levels and attitudes. This insight helped us to provide better opportunities for physical activity to keep everyone active during and after the pandemic.

GBA Online Survey Wave 1

807 respondents took part in the survey 28th April to 17th May 2020 from each of the six Local Authorities in Berkshire. The survey responses provided information on:

- Physical activity levels during and before the Spring restrictions

- Reasons for doing more or less physical activity during the restrictions

- The link between physical activity and self-reported mental health

- Most common physical activities during the restrictions and most enjoyed

- Sources of information during the restrictions

The results are broken down into Berkshire overall, by each of the six Berkshire Local Authorities, the least active residents, those with a disability or long term health condition and older adults. It has given us an excellent understanding of how Covid-19 has impacted the physical activity of different people across Berkshire.

GBA Online Survey Wave 2

Following on from the success of our Wave 1 survey in Spring 2020, Get Berkshire Active once again asked residents to tell us about their physical activity behaviour and feelings to see if anything had changed. The survey was completed by 177 Berkshire residents from 14th-26th October 2020 before the second lockdown came into affect. This survey gave us information on:

- Physical activity levels now and compared to Wave 1

- What encourages people to be active and what stops them

- Whether residents would like to be more active in the future and what would encourage them to do so

- Most common physical activities undertaken

- Sources of information now and compared to Wave 1

This new insight will help us to provide better opportunities to keep us all active as the Covid-19 pandemic continues and into the future.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our research!

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