Benefits of Berkshire Virtual School Games

  • engages pupils not usually involved in intra/inter competition
  • provides an easy resource for class teachers to deliver competitive opportunities within their PE lessons or can be used within lunchtime/pre school/after school sessions or at home.
  • enables schools to reward a range of pupils, use for house points and intra school competitions
  • provides pupils with the opportunity to work on their resilience, independence, and personal best

What are we doing?

We will be running 4 x KS1 Events and 5 x KS 2 and Year 7 Events over the Autumn Term.

Each event has a 3-week window of opportunity for schools to take part. This provides a school with the flexibility to deliver the event when it best suits their own planning and school environment e.g. a school could decide to deliver the event in one week or across 2 weeks or across all 3 weeks or even just deliver it in a couple of days.

  • Events commence w/b 14th September.
  • To compete in events schools must register. Schools only need to register once and not for every event.

How are we doing it?

We will provide resources to schools:

  • Activity Card/Task Guidance
  • Challenge Videos
  • School Scoresheet
  • E-certificate Virtual School Games Value Certificates

Schools deliver the challenges and collate pupils' scores by class.

The scoresheet will then provide the average point score for that class.

Class averages are submitted online.

The Rewards

  • All participants will receive an e-certificate for every event they take part in.
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze e-certificate awards will be given for each event in each age category at county level.
  • Spirit of the Games e-certificate Awards will be awarded to schools who encourage the largest number of participants.
  • School Games Values e-certificates for schools to reward individual pupils and classes.

We recognise that the challenges and the scoring process are open to misinterpretation and cheating. However, we are sure that those who take part will be doing so under the Spirit of the Games and teachers will ensure scores they submit are deemed suitably representative of the activity and pupil. The emphasis is on participation not winning!

How does a school deliver the event?

  • Schools have the choice to enter as few or as many events as they wish.
  • Schools can enter as many age groups they wish, and this can change for each event. We hope schools will try to engage as many pupils as possible as this has been one of the main positive outcomes of the summer term delivery.
  • Schools can deliver flexibly i.e. as part of their PE lessons; lunchtime activities; after clubs; house event; intra class competitions; home learning; breakfast clubs or any other method they wish.
  • Delivery can be led by teachers; teaching assistants; lunchtime supervisors; sports/young leaders or as independent tasks as the school deems appropriate.

Your involvement and feedback is key to its success!


Special Schools can enter Primary (Yr 1-6) and Secondary (Yr7-13) teams.

If there are enough Special Schools entered there will be a separate competition for Special Schools.

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