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The Berkshire School Games hold a number of events where we aim to:

  • Drive local development to TACKLE INEQUALITES by
    • championing new events & formats
    • providing POSITIVE EXPERIENCES for all young people by ensuring our events are MEMORABLE MOMENTS
    • creating events specifically aimed at key groups and setting ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA to enable schools to identify these pupils
    • providing additional activities and experiences on our event days that profile opportunities to be ACTIVE for 60 MINUTES everyday
  • Provide HIGH QUALITY Competition for Pathway competitions.

Our Priorities

We believe that PE & Sport not only has a role to play in developing a lifelong love of being physically active but also supports the development of the whole child.

To help us shape our events we are using the 5 ME in PE principles and assigned each event to one of these 5 principles. The descriptors for each of the principles emphasises the philosophy of each event and the eligibility criteria informs who the event is aimed at (and in some cases those who it is not).

When schools commit to sending a team to one of our events, we ask staff members to carefully consider how they can engage different pupils for those events that are not 'open to all'. Please read the eligibility criteria carefully for those events. Schools should prioritise pupils:

  • who do not engage well in PE & after school clubs
  • who lack motivation & confidence
  • with poor physical fitness
  • who are non team-games players
  • identified with low self esteem
  • SEND pupils

The School Games aims to provide every child with a positive experience in an environment where the young person's motivation, competence and confidence are at the centre of the event.

The diagram below provides an overview on how schools, SGOS and the event team can support with providing a POSTIVE EXPERIENCE to all young people.

Support to deliver Positive Experiences in Competition

Support to deliver Positive Experiences in Competition

Benefits of being Active

Benefits of being Active

School Games Events in Berkshire

School Games Organisers

Below are contact details for all of the Berkshire School Games Organisers alongside the areas they cover.

Ascot & Maidenhead: Emma Fitzgerald: -

Bracknell Forest: Matt Gamble -

Reading: Tom Evans -

Slough: Laura Brookstein -

West Berkshire (West): James Mandry -

West Berkshire (East): Maxine Smiles-Cooke -

Windsor: Chantal Roe-Gammon -

Wokingham: Gwenda Lappin -

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