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Cycling course for Ks2/3

Circus skill activities including Aerial Hoop/Silks

Wallball courts can be marked out on any flat-ish wall. When you're starting off or you're in school you definitely don't need a regulation sized court. Instead just play with the space you've got! The sport is incredibly simple to learn and really fun to play. You may have already played Wallball and know it by it's other names like Pelota, Patball or 1-Wall Handball.

Our Skipping Challenges are simple to use with everything you need all in one place. The Challenges Series enable the needs of all ability levels to be met whilst enhancing some key life skills!

Pupils will need to practice (RESILIENCE) to achieve the times required for each award, they won't realise how much exercise they are doing as they will be having FUN!

The challenges are easy to use and can be used:

-At Home
-Lunch time
-In lessons
-Before school
-After school
-Interim breaks

Pickleball is a fun sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Played both indoors or outdoors on a badminton-sized court and a slightly modified tennis net. Two or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, over a net.

Garden and Playground Games by The Windsor School Sports Partnership

Lower Atrium

There are two ways you can take part in the Summer Reading Challenge:

You can join the Challenge at your local library and take part in person. The library will give you a special collector folder, stickers, and other special incentives, and help you find books to read for your Challenge.

Alternatively, take part in the Challenge online by signing up here. Set a reading goal and log your books on your profile. When you reach your goal you will unlock a virtual badge and certificate.

Please note, the in-person and online Challenges are separate. Physical incentives like medals and certificates are only available via the library, for those taking part in the in-person Challenge.

Musketeers Education offers a variety of fun and inclusive kinesthetic programmes for children in Years 1-6 Through a mix of games and exercises, Musketeers Education directly addresses children's core executive functions, improves their self-esteem, and their social-emotional skills to better equip them to thrive in life.

Sport Stacking is a great addition to any school to introduce into your PE lessons.

We offer event day's, taster days and demo's, lifetime warranty on equipment, online and printed curriculum and student group orders.

Sport Stacking has grown into a dynamic activity to help students learn and succeed.

Upstairs Quiet Zone

Yoga and Relaxation Techniques

For many years the Discovery team has given the gift of learning through empowering and educating children with vital digital skills, right at the heart of the curriculum. Imagine if you could bring your term topics to life with a digital animation, a podcast or a green screened movie? Kids, immersing themselves in the subject, being the characters, recreating the events of the past. Practical yet exciting with digital at the forefront of the learning while building the capability for the future.

Storytelling & Colouring Activities. suitable for KS1 and Lower KS2, SEN pupils

Life's Little Bugs offers an easy and fun award-winning series that will fast track your child to practice healthy habits without the tantrums and tears!Healthy habits are the foundation for any child's positive development, but they can come with challenges and often tedious to teach and learn for all involved!

Youth Insight- Graffiti Wall and Wall Art activities provided by Get Berkshire Active

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