We are proud that Berkshire School Games are events


Without the support of students from Berkshire Schools our events just would not be possible. We thank the schools who engage with us and support the involvement of their pupils in our events.

You have been directed to this page as you/your student/your child has been nominated and then selected to be part of the Berkshire Inspire Academy Team to support the delivery of our Event day on 1 July 2022 at the iconic Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre (Sl7 1RR).

Students will undertake one of 6 roles on the event day.

  • Commonwealth Games Leader
  • Cultural Village Crew
  • Eco Crew
  • School Games Crew
  • Media Crew


Students will be provided with the following on 30 June to wear/use on the event day

  • Tshirt (CWG & Media leaders have been provided these)
  • Water Bottle (CWG & Media leaders have been provided these)
  • Gymsac (CWG & Media leaders have been provided these)
  • United by Birmingham pin badge

30 June Training Day

Some students have been invited to attend a training session on 30 June @Bisham to support them understand their role on the day. Please check with your school if you are unsure.

Students should arrive at front entrance to the Sports Centre at 9am-9.15am. The Opening Session will begin promptly at 9.30am in the Abbey.

Students should be collected at 3.45pm.

Students should wear:

Dark tracksuit bottoms/Skort/shorts/leggings

Tshirt or polo shirt

Sweatshirt or Hoodie

Students are required to bring:

  • a packed lunch
  • suncream
  • hat/cap
  • waterproof

Overnight Stay

If a student has requested and been allocated accommodation at Bisham on the 30 June we will provide you with

  • Dinner
  • Shared room (2 or 3 students; no single rooms)
  • Breakfast
  • Packed Lunch

Event Day 1st July

As we are reliant on our leaders to run the events it is crucial they arrive on time.

We expect all students to arrive at 8am and meet in the Great Hall of The Abbey. If you are expecting to arrive later please ask your school to let us know. the latest arrival time is 8.30am.

Those students who were not invited to attend the training day on 30 June will be provided with training for their role.

Students will be able to depart from 4pm.


I will treat others with the respect and fairness that I would like them to show me
I will wear my identification pass at all times
I will demonstrate positive behavior during the workshop sessions and will not use offensive, insulting or abusive language
I will respect others regardless of age, gender, culture, language, racial origin, religious beliefs, sexual identity or disability
I will not smoke or possess or consume alcohol or illegal and performance enhancing drugs
I will not engage in sexual activity
I will not leave the venue of the Berkshire School Games Young Leader Training Academy unless accompanied by a member of Academy staff
If residential at Bisham Abbey, I will not enter any accommodation block other than my own and will return to my own room by the time indicated by the Academy Staff
I will treat the venue with respect and acknowledge that I may be liable for the costs of any damage that I cause
I will not leave the school site without consent




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