The DTSM Team Skip is your all inclusive Team Skipping event. Practice and improve as a team or go head to head vs another group. Progression, inclusion and fun is key #TeamDTSM #BerksTeamSkip

Welcome and Introduction

How to Team Skip

Team Challenge 1 - 10 seconds Freestyle Skip - Easier Level

Team Challenge 2 - 20 seconds Double Bouncing (Easier Level)

Team Challenge 3 - 30 seconds Hopping (Medium Level)

Team Challenge 4 - 30 Second Rodeo (Medium level)

Team Challenge 5 - 40 Seconds Speed Skipping (Difficult level)

Team Challenge 6 - 40 Seconds of Crossovers (Difficult level)

Team Challenge 7 - How Many in (Long Rope)

Well Done from Dan

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Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre, Marlow Road, Nr. Marlow, SL7 IRR