Skipping backwards must be done safely and here we show you how! The basics of reverse skipping with How to's and Challenges to grow and progress everyone's backwards skipping over time. Work through Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, with times increasing as you go. #DTSMReverseSkip

DTSM Reverse Skip Series

The premise is simple, to guide and safely show the pupils how to skip backwards. This series is about simple techniques and short bursts, allowing for future progression as they get to grips.

The series is broken into Primary and Secondary.

Welcome video and well done videos.

How to instructions of the skills

1 Backwards Single bounce

2 Backwards Double bounce

3 Backwards Running

4 Backwards Alternate foot hop

5 Backwards side straddle

Then each challenge is broken into Bronze, Silver and Gold.

For Secondary times are Bronze 15 seconds skipping. Silver 30 seconds skipping. Gold 45 seconds skipping.

For Primary times are Bronze 10 seconds skipping. Silver 20 seconds skipping. Gold 30 seconds skipping.

Our hope is everyone will be able to achieve the bronze for each at the least with a bit of effort.

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