DTSM Skipping Challenge Series
KS1, KS2 & KS3

The challenges provide all Berkshire schools with a brilliant easy to use resource to support pupils increase their activity levels at their own pace. It is NOT a competition. You do not have to submit any results. Pupils can record their own progress (INDEPENDENCE).

Dan introduces it HERE

Pupils will need to practice (RESILIENCE) to achieve the times required for each award, they won't realise how much exercise they are doing as they will be having FUN!

Schools can use the pupil's record as evidence of improved COORDINATION; SPEED; AGILITY & ENDURANCE.

The challenges can be used:

-At Home
-Lunch time
-In lessons
-Before school
-After school
-Interim breaks


Need some help to teach pupils to skip?


Gain recognition for your school's participation in the challenge series

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more resources from DTSM to extend your pupils skills and participation in skipping.

Once your pupil have mastered the basic skipping skills why not try long ropes?

To take it to the next level why not try 2 long ropes?

Other Skipping Resources

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Need some Skipping Ropes?

We have designed this programme with Dan and it is now being rolled out across the country. As a thank you Dan is offering all Berkshire Schools a discount to buy high quality skipping ropes to deliver the challenges.

Appropriate sized & weighted ropes are a must for successful skipping. Dan is offering BERKSHIRE schools an AMAZING deal:

This discount is by quantity of ropes ordered

-50-299 ropes 12.5%
-300-599 ropes 13.5%
-600+ ropes 15%

Discounts are per order. You can use this discount as many times as required, however the discount works against the ropes ordered per order, not on accumulation. For orders below 50 the class set rate can be used see Delivery is usually within a few days.

To access the promotional code for these discounts contact your SGO.

Dan explains all HERE

Workplace Challenge

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